Give a Hoot For Hootsuite


In today’s day and age the use of more and more online automation has evolved into the all in one ‘Social Media’ powerhouse Hootsuite. Company is based in Vancouver, Canada, has a number of built in features to automate and schedule whenever you want. Schedule large group postings to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, WordPress, Four Square and Mixi. So naturally i tested it out in my marketing efforts with some pretty stacked results to say the least.

Let’s dive right in and dissect this cool social media platform, and the marketing tools to use. And why you should give a Hoot!

Here’s a quick screenshot of my Hootsuite account and the layout of your dashboard: You dont’ have a Hootsuite account click here for one:

And you add endless apps to your Hootsuite account by clicking on the jigsaw puzzle piece on the left menu bar. As you can see below i added the RSS feed (it’s free) below, as you can have feeds come into your Hootsuite account and then share them on your social networks you setup. Many other cool features like uploading a YouTube video’s, and sharing that as well, make this useful utility a must for syndication.

You can add in multiple streams of accounts right into your Hootsuite account, to manage all in one place, up to 7 for a pro plan. I’m just explain how useful this is in monitoring different Facebook groups, your mentions on twitter, retweets, wall, events, status newsfeeds. You can always scale up your Hootsuite plan to “hoot suit” your needs of marketing.

Facebook Group Poster:

One neat little marketing tool is the Facebook group poster. Now you have to have asked to join those groups in advance on your facebook account, do a search in your niche and find them then ask to join, those groups will showup in your Facebook groups on Hoostsuite once you have been approved to join. One thing i do advice most people is don’t post “Join me” programs in the groups, why?, doesn’t work. I find posting something like “Free Tips” or “FREE E-book Download” is far more effective at creating a following and traffic.


Another nice feature is the streams you can setup in your Hootsuite account to monitor other social media account like Linkedin, Google+, WordPress, Foursquare and of course Twitter. Can see what other people are posting and replying to and overall activity.


Inside the publisher tab we got lots more cool features to toy with here. First off the suggested content publisher. If your not good at creating twitter followers with good informative tweets, or simply don’t want to, this feature is the best choice. Hootsuite automatically picks from the 3 keywords that you enter in to curate some interesting tweets to publish, some crazy, some outragious, but the key point here is they also drive followers to your blog or twitter account. Suggested tweets all can scheduled 3 times per day, and at the best times to “tweet”. I tend to diversify in my content going out to marketing, movies and politics.

RSS Feeds:

You can add in your own RSS feed, multiple times to post and schedule to any social media accounts you have. Once you post on your wordpress blog your content then gets pushed to these feeds and groups, creating a buzz and some needed traffic!

Account preferences can change your bio, initials , url shortner ( used, gravatar, company name etc. I don’t use the vanity url’s and the notifications are set to default which is fine.

Bulk Message Upload:

Here’s an interesting feature that i don’t use, is the bulk message uploader. If you have an agency or a larger company than mine (at the momnent), you can pre-write your own content to use.

Hootsuite Reports:

Hootsuite also does an in-depth summary of each social media account that’s in your campaigns. Of course my account isn’t very big yet, but that’s an old twitter account that i started using again after a month. It’s been a steady 10-30 followers per day using Hoostsuite!

More Tools:
Under the tools tab, Hoostsuite even has a University to help you learn even more, go here. Also has the apps directory, partner programs, mobile apps extentions and downloads found here.

While this all may sound like a paid review, it isn’t, i tested this platform and recommended this to anyone starting out in marketing. So try out Hoostsuite and start building an audience, socially!


Troy Hollenbeck

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