15 Tools to Run a Million Dollar Business

Do you want to know what software, tools and resources that I use to run a profitable business on the internet?

These tools are ridiculously easy to implement and use in your business, and some of the best tools that i’ve put together for my subscribers and readers to get up and running, and profiting.

Running, starting and growing a business takes time, money and resources.

It’s also no secret that having the right tools along with investment can build yourself a million dollar empire.

Just “ONE” of these resources can take your business to the next level without a question.

Which ones are you using in your business?

OK, let’s get started…

Now i purposely did not add the hyperlinks for several good reasons, i want you to take action and go checkout these tools and see how each one of these can have a huge impact on your business and managing your number one asset, your time!

Just copy and paste the name of the tool into Google and you’ll find it quite easily.

#1 Trello – The complimentary task management software application that lets you arrange your ideas, your everyday actions. Right here’s an example of a task board that I have that my group.You can develop lists, boards, due dates, lists, connect accessories, and a lot more. Best thing?– it’s absolutely enjoyable & totally free to make use of.

#2 LeadPages.net – My # 1 option for developing landing pages and the whole nine yards.

This is the utmost “Conversion Optimisation Software”, it’s a simple to utilize software application for developing capture pages, sales video pages, webinar pages, launch pages, and generally any page you have to construct a marketing funnel without the capability to code, is LeadPages.net.

It has everything you have to develop a 7-figure company, from lead capture, to split-testing, to sales pages. I personally utilize this service every day, and instrumental in creating 6,7 figure per year incomes. LeadPages has actually been a game changer for my company and customers.

#3 ClickFunnels.com is an option to LeadPages– I utilize this to produce efficient, basic & high transforming sales pages and whole sales funnels, I believe it’s a bit more expensive and in my viewpoint it’s still important to obtain to keep in your collection, the developer Russel Brunson.

#4 AWeber –  The most vital piece of software application you’ll ever be utilizing to develop your list of customers, your consumers and constructing your lifetime possession. Email marketing is the whole structure of my online company, and without it i’d be losing $$$$$ everyday.

This is the device that even if I lost everything, equipped with my list of customers and customers, I might quickly construct a 7-figure company in less than 12 months.

That’s “Ultimate Asset, Security, Power & Influence“. >> > No ego thing, simply the context.

#5 AWProTools – fantastic little device that a few of the most significant online marketers make use of to section their leads, bear in mind the huge money from e-mail marketing originates from these 3 words: Relationship, Segmentation & Cultivation. You much better compose those 3 words down on a sticky and publish it on your laptop computer or on the mirror to check out per day.

#6 ClickMagick – This is the fastest, simplest method to divide test your solo advertisements, your Facebook advertisements, your traffic links. Produce numerous connect to check your traffic, visitors and optimise for optimum conversions.

#7 GetResponse –  I utilize this to include my finest customers on there segmented so I can interact with them in a different way then I do from my major newsletter. You do not need to do this; I do this making sure.

#8 Wufoo –  is a basic little website where I established studies, discussion starter projects where individuals who are serious about dealing with myself can offer me more info about themselves and i can assist them move on and prosper.

#9 Bluemic –  is where you can discover the “Yeti” microphone I utilize to tape-record my audio. Clear, succinct noise originates from this, if you utilize your voice this little thing is a need to have on your desk. You can select them up at from Amazon too.

#10 Toggle — Time everything you are doing online, so you aren’t mindlessly on Facebook and losing time on social networks. What gets determined gets enhanced, so as an online marketer and a company individual you got ta ensure you are handling your time.

#11 GoToWebinar — Sign up for a totally free 30-day trial and host your very first webinar. Get excellent at doing webinars and you will certainly be able to produce an incredible control of how you are able to manifest heaps of sales online.

#12 DropBox.com –  I simply began utilizing this a few days ago, lol. This truly is among the most remarkable devices you will certainly ever make use of in your internet marketing collection. Shop your computer system hard disk on the cloud.

#13 Klipfolio — this is advanced and I’m getting made use of to utilizing this myself personally, this is more costly, I believe I needed to pay around $2,000 and around $200 a month simply for this, do not fret my next resource is complimentary and you can utilize it to personally track your statistics, commissions and analytics.

#14 Putler — this is a much easier, less costly (complimentary) alternative that will certainly assist you handle your information collection and processing work.

#15 Evernote — Forget that you will certainly be forgetting things, simply note this in your online note pad, everybody has to have this on their computer system, it truly is the utmost note pad, I make use of a lists and my everyday to do. Register for the premium variation for ₤ 5 a month or something dirt-cheap. Arrange your ideas, your tasks, and your day-to-day to do jobs.

Hope you enjoyed the 15 tools to build your business to new heights and possibly with investment, a converting sales funnel, lots of traffic, that you can build a million dollar empire. All the best! Comment below and i will answer all your questions.

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The Power of Self-Investing In Your Future

I Haven’t Made Any Sales. What Should I Do?

“I have been in online marketing for years. I haven’t made any money. Not even one single sale. Is there any program out there that can help me?”

Before I answer this, let me throw out a simply question for you. Go out and ask the same question to 10 different marketers and see how they answer about how to make sales.

Most likely you are going to get replies saying stuff like:

“Join my program and your problem will be solved.”

“The gurus have lied to you. Join this and it will help you make money.

“Keep the faith, bud. Just hang in there.”

And so on…

Now before I give you my answer, here are a few facts to making ANY money online…

Continue reading “The Power of Self-Investing In Your Future”

Essential Steps to Becomiong a Millionaire Entrepreneur

For me, money does not matter all that much, however I’ll admit, it did at one time.  Now i see money as a source to pay for your freedom, it pays for your life and all these things we own or use, but that doesn’t define the Entrepreneur behind the business. My definition is a combination of key ingredients, not just money and more of what’s under the hood, or what drives successful Entrepreneurs to strive for better.

Everyone’s definition of success is a little different, here’s mine.

“To Live Life With a Genuine Authenticity to Help Others Suceed”

1. Stop Worrying About the Cash

The money will come. While it sounds counterintuitive, preserving a laser-like concentrate on just how much you make sidetracks you from doing things that really add to structure and growing wealth. Focus more on the things that matter to create to money and less on things that are a distraction. What you really need to dial in on is your daily “Revenue Producing” activities.

“See money not as the main objective however as a spin-off of doing the right things.”

2. Beginning tracking the number of people you help along the way, even the smallest gesture.

The most effective entrepreneurs I know– are able to read people and help people realize their goals and dreams. They understand their success is eventually based upon the success of individuals around them. Believing in people and then showing them the path to success and freedom is a key trait of a real businessman.

They work hard to make other individuals effective entrepreneurs: their workers, their consumers, their providers and suppliers … due to the fact that they understand, if they can do that, then their own success will undoubtedly follow.

And they will certainly have developed a business– or a profession– they can be really happy with.

3. Stop stressing about making a million dollars and begin thinking of serving a million starving entrepreneurs

When you only have a few customers and your goal is to make a lot of money, you’re going  to find ways to wring every last dollar out of those customers. But that’s not even a biggy, finding the right business to serve others is though.

Serve a million people– and serve them exceptionally well– and the cash will come by the truckload!

And, in time, your dream business ends up being something you never ever imagined– just keep producing daily revenue producing activities, serve your customers or readers on your blog or business…..and never give up!

When you discover that ‘giving and serving’ is alot more valuable than ‘wanting and taking’ and you become the magnet and center of attraction for people’s freedom.

4. See money as a tool to create more things

One makes things due to the fact that they wish to earn money; the more things they make, the more money they make. Exactly what they make does not actually matter that much to them– they’ll make anything as long as it’ses a good idea.

While it is definitely possible to discover that one item that everybody desires and grow rich by offering that item, most effective companies grow and progress and as they earn money, reinvest that money in an unrelenting pursuit of quality.

The other desires to make money due to the fact that it enables them to make more foods. They like exactly what they make and they see making money as a method to do even more of exactly what they enjoy. They dream of constructing a business that makes the finest foods possible … and making money is the method to sustain that dream and construct that business they like.

“We do not make motion pictures to generate income, we generate income to make more films.” ~ Walt Disney.

5. Do something much better.
Choose one food you’re currently much better at than a lot of people.Just. End up being maniacally concentrated at doing that thing really good. Be ruthlessly self-critical, not in a masochistic method however to guarantee you continue to work to enhance every element of that thing you do well.

It’s a Win-win situation.

Bright entrepreneurs do something much better than practically everybody around them does. If you choose something to be terrific at that the world likewise values– and will certainly pay for it.

Quality is its own benefit, however quality likewise regulates greater pay– and higher regard, higher sensations of self-regard, higher satisfaction, a higher sense of accomplishment … all making you rich in non-monetary terms. There are certain qualities money cannot buy.

6. 1 Successful Habit of the 10 Richest People in the World

How did you select those 10? How did you identify who was the “Richest”? How did you determine their one thing they did to “succeed”?

Use those criteria to track your own progress towards becoming the best.

Perhaps you’ll determine the number of individuals you’ve assisted. Possibly you’ll determine the number of consumers you’ve served. Perhaps you’ll examine the essential steps on your trip to ending up being the world’s best at one thing.

Don’t just admire successful people. Take a close look at what makes them successful, who they connect with, and how they got to the top.
Then use those criteria to help create your own ‘millionaire blueprint’ to success, and then act on it!

7. Consistently track your progress

We tend to become what we measure, so track your progress at least once a week against your key goals and where you in relation to that..

Maybe you’ll measure how many people you’ve helped? Maybe you’ll measure how many customers you’ve served? Maybe you’ll evaluate the key steps on your journey to becoming millionaire in your field. Maybe it’s how many sales you produced today or this week? Is the measure of your success the size of your bank account?

Maybe it’s a combination of those things, and more.


Maybe it’s how many of those aspiring people you help to ‘Become’ a Millionaire???

Tracking your progress in small steps and taking bigger and bigger steps until you get to your goal? Everyone’s goal and journey though is different but the destination is the same, Freedom!

8. Develop systems that guarantee success

Never ever forget that attaining an goal is based on developing world class systems, like a vehicle to get you to your destination. This is where having a million dollar sales funnel comes in, and does all the heavy lifting for you. Having a system that converts cold customers into red hot sales is what this ‘Freedom Producing System’ should be doing.

Having a routine everyday to help you acheive your dreams is also key. If your goal is to make X amount of dollars per month, what are you doing to realize that goal?

Set goals, then go about and ‘Ruthlessly’ go get it. Fix what is broken, fund what needs funding, get traffic to where you need it most, get more blog readers, create youtube video;’s etc….set your mind to it, and do it, without thinking twice.

And then, probably without even noticing, you’ll also be a millionaire. You know, when your at the top of Mount Everest!

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